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Chapters 455 and 481, Florida Statutes, govern complaints involving licensed and unlicensed architects and interior designers. Complaints can be filed anonymously; however, the Board of Architecture and Interior Design (BOAID) encourages the public to include a name and phone number for the complainant in case additional information is needed. This also enables the complainant to follow the process because notice of each stage of the proceeding is provided to those complainants who provide contact information.

The complaint process begins with the filing of a complaint. Once our office receives the complaint, a determination of legal sufficiency is made. A complaint is only legally sufficient if the complainant’s allegations, taken as true, evidence a violation of Florida Statutes. A complaint that is determined not to be legally sufficient is closed. If the complaint is legally sufficient, the firm will begin an investigation. The investigation begins by notifying the subject of the complaint and getting his or her response to the allegations. Every investigation differs in length and may include subpoenaing records, taking sworn statements, requesting public records, or other means to gather evidence to prove the allegations contained in the complaint. The more documentation provided up front with the complaint results in a more thorough and timely investigation. Please include any and all documentation supporting your complaint.

Upon completion of the investigation the case is forwarded to the Probable Cause Panel. It should be noted that complaints against licensed individuals and businesses remain confidential until a finding of probable cause. If probable cause is not found, the case is closed and remains confidential if the allegations involve licensees. If probable cause is found, the prosecuting attorney will usually file an administrative complaint or issue a Notice and Order to Cease and Desist. There are other remedies available depending upon the facts of the case. Finally, the case is presented to the full BOAID for a Final Order.

Complaints against licensed or unlicensed architects or interior designers may be filed by printing the complaint form referenced below. Once the complaint form is completed, please mail it to the following address:

David K. Minacci
Manausa, Shaw & Minacci, P.A.
140 West 1st Street
St. George Island, FL 32328
Complaint Form